Surete Mosquito Repellent patch

It saves you and your children outside home as well. No electricity required, no need to refill the solutions again and again, no smoke… The usage of this product is very simple. Just need to stick the sticker on your clothes anywhere and you are totally protected from mosquitoes. 100 % Natural & Safe Effective upto […]

MosQSHIELD – (Mosquito & Insects Repellent)

A cream based non sticky solution with soothing fragrance & easy to spread nature developed by Ministry of defense (DRDO) A SAFE formula with natural adjuvant ideal for the entire family. Enjoy your evening walks now even more with this highly effective  & trusted solution. Diethyl Phenyl Acetamide  (DEPA) 20% w/w Effective upto 6-8 hours […]

Insect Repellent Stick

Wildlife Insect Repellents provide protection against mosquitoes, gnats, midges, horse flies, ticks , tsetse fly and other most other biting insects. Made with DEET and natural waxes as base Compact 40 stick : 50% DMP-25 g It is specially designed for tactical forces and hence made odorless and effective time is kept high.

Natural Insect Repellent Solution

It is Natural based insect repellent solution provide protection from all types of mosquito and insects. It gives protection from Aedes, Anopheleis and culex mosquitoes and prevent Dengu, Malaria and Chickengunia effectively. It is made with Natural herbs like Citronella oil, Tie tree oil, Rosemary oil, Eucalyplus oil, Neem oil, lavender oil, Portulaca Oleracea extract […]

DEPA 20% Spray

This Unique product can be used on wearing clothes, bed linen, pillow covers , curtains etc and is effective against blood sucking organisms such as mosquito’s, horse flies, sand flies , bed bugs & ticks. This is also developed by Ministry of Defense (DRDO) & used by army personals. Diethyl Phenyl Acetamide  (DEPA) 20% w/w […]

Fire Dragon

 is a new innovative environmentally friendly solid fuel. • Non-toxic and odorless when burnt • Easy and quick to ignite – use the flint, match or lighter. • Low luminosity • Very little soot given off, so doesn’t dirty your cooking pot or mess tin. • Easy to store and handle • Safe to be […]

CRUSADE R II Cooking System (4-piece set)

NEW innovative aluminum field cooker and cup • An integral folding arm allows the cup to fit securely over gel fuel or solid fuel blocks. • The holes in the Cooker base are designed for efficient air intake whilst the walls of the cooker provide shielding against the wind. In transit, the cooker nests neatly […]